With proprietary formulations in development since the beginning of 2010, the entirety of our product line was designed by doctors and physicians who have acquired a complete understanding of human physiology throughout accomplished careers. Our products assimilate into the body in specific ways to ensure maximum efficiency upon application and/or ingestion.  

​With a team of individuals standing at the top of their respective industries, experienced physicians and professionals have vigorously spent the last few years creating special formulations and  products for everyone.

Pipetting Samples


The advantage of having a large team of physicians, doctors and professionals is inarguably great. These products have a leading edge having been formulated by various physicians with different specialties.

There is a very distinct line of ethics that goes into our products. We want to provide our customers with all of the finest quality products within our means to lead healthier, fuller lives. Here at Reliable Blends, LLC., we believe the standard of health can be raised to greater heights, and we do so through our products. Let us help you. 

Our team of professionals understand the intricacy of the human anatomy and physiology and have a full understanding as to exactly how our bodies work.  The last  decade has been spent creating a line of products that produce results not found in today's supplement market.

Through extensive research and various case studies spanning multiple years, our researchers and developers have succeeded in perfecting groundbreaking formulations that will disrupt the entire nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. We are confident our brand and products will be in every household within a few years and for good reason. Our products work exactly as advertised and nothing less.