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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Reliable Blends Health and Wellness products grew from a commitment to provide CBD products that actually work. Our proprietary formulations were created by our advisory board and our research and development team comprised of physicians, specialized health practitioners, pain management specialists, nutritionists and beauticians. We took years of knowledge from working in the nutraceutical industry and created an entire product line designed to treat the body and soul to therapeutic life-changing products.

Reliable Blends offers a product line that allows everyone to start living the life they deserve. Reliable Blends Pain Relief Cream for arthritis, chronic and trauma pain and so much more and Headache Balm for migraine relief have been called the Miracle Cream. In addition to protecting and soothing, Reliable Blends Lip Balm has been shown to reduce the effects of cold sores and shortened healing time.

For a great night’s sleep, try one of our relaxing bath bombs. Reliable Blends also offers three varieties of hand and foot soaks, body butter, lotion bar, hair serum and beard oil all made from our propriety blend of essential oils, as well as CBD gummies and tinctures. And for those with fur or feathered babies, Reliable Blends Pet offers a variety of tasty, CBD-infused treats each made with the finest, all-natural ingredients.

Reliable Blends CBD Dog and Puppy treats come in original or variety pack Bacon or Peanut Butter, are also available with gluten-free options. Reliable Blends CBD Cat Treats come in Seafood Medley or Crunchy because, as all cat people know, our felines can be finicky.

Finally, Reliable Blends CBD Bird Food Topper can be used just as its name states, or as a treat. These colorful bits of papaya are great as a diet supplement or to calm a nervous bird. Check back for updates as we will be offering a CBD tincture designed specifically for the pet babies in your life.

Reliable Blends products are currently produced in small batches. To ensure you have the products you want on reserve, contact us directly at 212-906-4462. We can set up a recurring shipment of your choice of products at the interval that suits you. Reliable Blends staff looks forward to serving you.

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