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Our Groundbreaking Pain Relief Creams

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Reliable Blends Health & Wellness products are designed to promote the overall health of our clients. This has been our commitment from the outset. While all of our products stand above the myriad CBD products flooding the market, and we know they’re all of superior quality, Reliable Blends Pain Cream has a special place in our heart. Initially formulated for a person that had suffered severe burns, Reliable Blends Pain Cream has surpassed our biggest expectations, with a near 100 percent success rate, outpacing even those products that are THC-based, especially good news for those needing maximum relief but can not have or do not want THC exposure.

This physician-formulated miracle cream, contains only the best high-grade, all-natural ingredients and has been medically tested and approved for both trauma-related pain and migraines, which was discussed in a recent blog. It is medically proven and free of parabens, propylene and chemical additives. It is the fastest acting pain relief formula on the market, is maximum strength, quick drying and contains no THC.

In fact, it contains 2,000 milligrams of 99.09 percent pure hemp-derived CBD isolate. It is used by athletes, chiropractors, pharmacists, physical therapists and massage therapists. Our own anecdotal evidence derived of customer testimonials has informed us that those suffering from chronic pain disorders, including fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis, are finding relief and in many cases are leaving behind opioids. In more than one instance, Reliable Blends Pain Cream has shown profound results in providing complete healing. One client had broken several ribs and was back to being completely functional within 10 days, a process that at best, typically takes a minimum of three weeks. Another had lost complete use of his arm and saw the first results within a matter of days and complete recovery within a couple weeks for a problem his team of doctors weren’t able to figure out. To this date, his medical team still don’t know what the underlying issue was that caused impairment, and asked him what he was doing to facilitate such recovery. This client keeps extra on hand because as he said, “I never want to be without.”

Those who have had old injuries that have plagued them with constant pain, are now living pain free and another gentleman, who had a debilitating arthritis flair related to Covid exposure and while asymptomatic took the vaccine, found relief as well. He said over many years, he had used both THC and CBD-based products and had never experienced anywhere near the results he received with Reliable Blends Pain Cream. His takeaway is that it works better for him than THC-based products, pointing out that for those who can’t use products made with THC, this is a godsend.

Indeed, my own mom (because you know we try our stuff out on everyone!) had hip replacement a number of years ago that didn’t go well. As a result, she’s had difficulty walking and waddled like a wee duck ever since. Of course, she’s stubborn and refused to have surgery done a second time and even though she did her physical therapy as prescribed, the issue persisted. We started her on the Pain Cream a few months ago and today, her walk has returned to near normal, a result we didn’t anticipate and which until now, was elusive.

So these are a few of the stories customers, friends and family have shared with us, both underscoring the product’s effectiveness and confirming that our team of researchers and physicians got it right! The fact we can provide a product with such life-changing results is all we could have hoped for or wanted.

Reliable Blends Pain Cream is available in 1-ounce, 2-ounce and 4-ounce sizes. All Reliable Blends products are currently produced in small batches to ensure consistent quality and results. To ensure you have the products you want on reserve, contact us directly at 212-906-4462. We can set up a recurring shipment of your choice of products at the interval that suits you. Reliable Blends staff looks forward to serving you.

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