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Our New Headache Relief Formulation

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Reliable Blends Headache Balm comes in a 5.5 ml, easy-to-carry tube and contains 100 mg of 99.905 percent pure hemp-derived CBD isolate. This is the most powerful, instant pain relief product on the market that penetrates deep into the head to help stop pain at the source. Our research and development team has spent the better part of the last decade creating formulations that absorbs and penetrates into the skin faster than almost anything else on the market. Reliable Blends Headache Balm combines proven pain relief properties of our blend of deep penetrating, anti-inflammatory ingredients and pure cannabidiol isolate.

Migraines can be debilitating and there are many who live in constant pain.This product, with its unique mechanisms of absorption, will significantly improve quality of life for many, providing relief within minutes. Extreme positive results have been experienced by those suffering from chronic migraines, inflammation or other problems with blood vessels in the brain, intracranial pressure and fibromyalgia.

All Reliable Blends products are third-party lab tested and are Delta-9 THC- free in accordance with federal regulations. Our proprietary blend of ingredients is quick drying when applied to the base of your head, temples and forehead and contains no parabens, propylene or chemical additives. Reliable Blends products are currently produced in small batches. To ensure you have the products you want on reserve, contact us directly at 212-906- 4462. We can set up a recurring shipment of your choice of products at the interval that suits you.

Reliable Blends staff looks forward to serving you.

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